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Commences: 22 July 2024


About the Opportunity

We are looking for a Chaplain with relevant experience to join a large dynamic team of educators and support staff at Alta-1 College. You will be working with male students.

Here’s some information about us:

At Alta-1 we recognise that adverse life experiences can impact a student’s sense of self-worth, motivation and capacity for learning, making engagement in a mainstream school setting difficult. 

As an independent, co-educational CARE (Curriculum and Reengagement in Education) School, Alta-1 is a Christian organisation that works with students from years 7-12. We provide students with wraparound support to guide them on a journey of recovery through a trauma-informed approach. This approach helps students acknowledge, confront, and resolve barriers that have impacted their ability to reach their full potential.

We believe in fostering a highly relational environment where students, teachers and staff develop meaningful connections based on trust, respect and empathy. These relationships serve as the foundation for effective teaching and learning, allowing us to better understand and support the unique needs and aspirations of each student.

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Now let’s talk about you:

If successful, you will be responsible for the delivery of the best possible duty of care for each student in the light of the values and objectives of Alta-1 College.

You are a safe person to students.

You'll embody a safe person's behaviours, consistently advocating for students, identifying their unmet needs, and offering guidance, practical assistance, and coping strategies.

You cultivate a culture of care and acceptance.

You see beyond outward frustration and anger, fostering healing conversations with studentsYou establish trust with students, families, campus staff, and external partners. You're reliable and bring a calming presence. You excel in mediating conflicts and resolving them to a restorative conclusion using negotiation and de-escalation strategies.

You are a terrific connector.

You're the vital link between church partners and the College, adept at allocating resources to meet needs. You foster relationships with external agencies and support teams while expanding the network to better meet student needs.

You provide pastoral care.

You'll offer spiritual care, being available for prayer with teachers, staff, and, when suitable, students.

Why you should choose us:

We offer attractive salary packaging options and professional development all within a fun and friendly Christian working environment.

At Alta-1, our staff believe that each student is created with unique strengths and abilities and work collaboratively to see these flourish. Each day provides multiple opportunities for you to make positive contributions into the lives and futures of these students.

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Full Time

Job no: GDAS40395

Location: Western Australia

Closing Date: Monday, 15 July 2024